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Rev. Gary Lemberg brings over thirty years of active ministry experience to churches across the nation.  He has fifteen years pastoral experience, has traveled as an evangelist for several years and served a total of ten years at North Central University, first as Director of College Ministries and most recently as Vice President of Advancement.  He then served for six years as consultant with Global University, helping to establish online Bible Colleges for Viet Nam and Iran and most recently served as Executive Director of the Global University Cuba project, establishing the first Accredited University Degree program for the pastors in Cuba.

Lemberg is currently working with the National Assemblies of God in Cuba, where the church has experienced explosive growth, to assist them in purchasing and building properties that will serve as local churches for the ever expanding work that is taking place in Cuba.  Gary has traveled across the country as well as to other nations and is known as an excellent communicator and a man with a passion for people to know Christ.  He is also an outstanding vocalist who has recorded several albums.  His anointed preaching and music ministry is aimed at inspiring people to take their place in the kingdom work that God has reserved for them.  

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