I brought a team of six from Calvary Church in Inverness, Florida, with Pastor Mike Rairick.  This was special treat for me, in the Pastor Rairick had been my youth pastor in Illinois.  

    This church had already helped me to purchase a house church in Cuba and wanted to bring a team to Cuba.  We had the opportunity to work for a week in a project to restore an existing building that is being used as a Theological Training Center for the Camaguey area in the Central East District of Cuba.  

    What a great week it was, as we were able to completely repair and repaint with two coats of good paint five classrooms.  We also were able to make strong progress in remodeling space in the back for a new kitchen and dining area.  

   One of the great feelings of accomplishment was to finish the makeover of the entire front of the building.  What a great testimony to that community.

   We had the privilege of ministering in three church including two house churches and the Hallelujah Church in Camaguey.



Desert Springs Church

December 2016 





       What a great time to be in Cuba.  This team from Pastor Brad Davis' church in Chandler, Arizona, went with me to a place called Premier Enero, "January First" to renovate a house church that they had provided the funds to complete.  We just happened to be there during the time the entire country was in dictated mourning of the death of Fidel Castro.  The entire country was to be silent, so there could be no loud music, many of the businesses were closed for periods of time and the people were required to stand along the roads as Castro's remains passed by.  The churches that we were ministering in during our stay needed to adjust their times and could not use their worship bands, but it didn't stop the people from filling the churches and worshiping God.

     As you can see in the pictures, this team worked hard and accomplished much during our week in Cuba.  The second floor, which is almost complete, will be the pastor's home and the entire lower level will be the sanctuary and classrooms for the church.  This church already has over 200 people attending and they will grow quickly when this project is completed.  

.       Pastor Poppo is a wonderful leader with a great vision for his church.  He also is one of the leaders for the Theological Center in Ceigo di Avila.